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Hey, I am a upcoming Graphic Designer who is focused and interested into following 3D modelling, Games Design, Web Design and Digital design. I am an enterprise manager for the Digital Media society as well as an active member in several other societies. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and learn new ways to express my art and ideas. My passion for creating new content and work is ever increasing and i enjoy creating and advancing works with people. I am always striving for perfection and to be able to express oneself and ideas through the medium of the media. I have been using Photoshop and the other Adobe systems since 2009. I have been evolving my skill set as a Designer. I have also been adding to my versatility in the field by learning new techniques and other systems. I have been improving my design work even at home with my Bamboo tablet. I keep practising my design work daily as I enjoy it and its always a new experience in itself with finding inspiration and then expressing it.

My Interests

I have always been into art ever since i was a little kid and I have always been interested in animation and cartoons and that is were my interest stemmed from. I enjoy a variety of activities and am also a member to several societies. I enjoy playing Kendo which is a Japanese martial art involving a Shinai. I always enjoy drawing and reading comics in my spare time.


I have been using photoshop since GCSE and have always defaulted to it in making simple design work or bigger projects to create graphics for work. I have had the most experience in it. I enjoy it greatly as it was the stepping stone into introducing me to the creative media and it also helped me to branch off and explore a wider variety of techniques and systems.


Following from graphic design i took up photography To increase my flexibility in Graphic design and also learn a new skill. This inspired my design work as it gave me another perspective and broadend my range of what i could do. It is also a lot of fun, exploring with the camera and seeing new things which would always act to inspire my work.

3D Modelling

And finally, 3D modelling. I was introduced to Maya at university and because of my childhood of just obsesivly watching cartoons like a nerd I instantly adopted it. I enjoyed using this medium to create things and be able to bring them to life. My experience in Maya is increasing and i wish to learn alot more and gain more insight and techniques to further my work.

Digital Design

Art can be expressed in a variety of forms. The one I have always enjoyed is the digital art aspect. Using photoshop and other systems you would be able to generate an effect like a paintbrush, you can change the tone of colour in an instant. With the digital aspect it allowed me to do even more with my skills. This medium is so flexible that it can be brought across multiple platforms, meaning that it can bring any aspect of the media to life with a little imagination. Using the tools on photoshop to trace over objects, add textures, draw and other such things, they act as a piece of a puzzle and when brought together they make the work a whole.

My Skills

Digital Art is an amazing way to express yourself through multiple means. I have pronounced skills in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. However my strongest and most prominent skills lie within the Design Aspect. These are just some of the programmes that I use when creating a piece.



Used for basic design or editing work



Used for doing basic designs or vector work for higher quality desings


After Effects

Used for editing films and movies as well as animations made in maya



Used for creating 3D models and animations, also good for showcasing other effects like generating motion and water effects


Photography and film are another form of the media which can express a piece of art. Through editing software it is easier to increase the quality of a video or animation through lighting, sound and cuts. The same works with photoshop and photography and how well they complement each other. With Photography one is able to not just make a scene or picture but actually live it and show it to others. Even though photography involves taking pictures it can be even harder that using prgrammes such as photoshop as there is no such thing as the perfect picture but one can strive for it. Photography involves lighting, timing, aperture and more which all contribute to the shot. As well as photography there is also film which is another way to express art through the medium of story telling to the audience.


3D Modelling

Through the use of maya it is possible to mold and create objects. Through this we leave 2d behind and more forward towards 3d. Using maya it gives a wider and more flexible medium to create objects and characters, using these it allows the creation of animations. Much like films maya can be used for cgi to make the impossible, possible

My Portfolio

This is my portfolio showcasing some of the work I have created. In the portfolio you will find Digital design as well 3D modelling work aswell.

My Education and Qualifications


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If you have enjoyed my digital portfolio and you wish to get into contact then there are a few ways you can. Below are several links to my linkedin and facebook which are one way you can contact me. Another method is to email me which can also be found below.


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